3 Book & User Registration

You can decide how to handle book and user registration on your PressbooksEDU network (see the relevant section of the Network Options chapter for more information on this).

Adding a New Book

As a network manager, you can create new books on your network from the Network Admin dashboard. To create a new book:

1. Go to Books > Add New. You will be brought to the Add New Book form

Screenshot showing the Add New Book interface from the Pressbooks Network Manager Dashboard
Screenshot showing the ‘Add New Book’ interface available from the Pressbooks Network Manager Dashboard

2. Enter the URL you’d like the book to have on your network in the Book Address (URL) field – this will be the permanent link to the new book

3. Enter the title of the book in the Book Title cell

4. Select the language the book is in from the Book Language drop-down menu

5. Add the email of the administrator for that book in the Admin Email cell. This value will usually be the email address of an existing user on your network. If no user with that email address exists, a new user account will be created and an account activation invitation will be sent to the email address in question.

6. Click Add Book. After the command is processed, you will be brought to the dashboard of your new book

Prefer to watch and learn? Check out this video tutorial:

Adding a New User

Some network managers prefer to allow user self-registration and whitelist their institution’s email domain. In this scenario, anyone with an institutional email can register to use their institution’s PressbooksEDU network. That means that network managers will not need to approve individual users, and that users will need to use their institutional email to register for user accounts.

Most PressbooksEDU network managers prefer to manually create new users, however. In this scenario, you will have chosen not to permit user self-registration, meaning that people at your institution interested in using Pressbooks will need contact a network manager, who will then create user accounts at their discretion.

If you prefer to create new user accounts on your network yourself, doing so from the network admin dashboard is easy:

  1. Go to your network admin dashboard
  2. Click Users
  3. Click Add New
  4. Enter the new user’s username and email address. Click ‘Add User’

To see all users on your network, click on Users > User List

Prefer to watch and learn? Check out this video tutorial:



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