31 Configuring a Chapter as a Graded Activity

This guide chapter will show how instructors can configure a part, chapter, or front/back matter to send a grade report to the gradebook for a Learning Management System. The instructions detailed below will only be valid if your network manager has enabled grade reporting for your book. If you do not see the menus described below, you should check with your network manager to see whether this feature should be available to you.

Creating and Adding H5P activities

In order to send a grade report to the LMS, your part, chapter or front/back matter must include at least one graded H5P activity. To see how to create and add H5P activities into your chapter, please see our guide chapter on creating H5P activities here.

Selecting H5P activities for Inclusion in the Grade Report

In books where grade reporting has been enabled, you will see an LMS Grade reportingĀ box at the bottom of each chapter, part, or front/back matter content (shown below).

Pressbooks Grade Reporting Interface
Pressbooks Grade Reporting Configuration Interface
    1. Begin configuring the grade report by entering the ID number for any H5P activity that you wish to include in the grade report for that part, chapter, or front/back matter (note that the H5P activity in question must be in the chapter) and press the ‘Add’ button.

      You can add (or remove) as many activities to the Grade Report as you like.
    2. When adding H5P activities to your grade report, you may see an empty value for the Max Score and an ‘Update’ button in the next column.

      This happens when the activity you’ve entered is ungraded or has not been previously attempted by a logged in user. To make sure that your activities all have the expected max score available, you should attempt each of the chapter’s H5P activities at least once as a logged in user, either from the chapter content itself or from the H5P Content menu in the book dashboard. Once you’ve attempted an activity, return to the LMS Grade Reporting interface and click the Update button for the activity in question.

      Once you’ve done this, the max score for that activity will be updated in the LMS Grade Reporting view as seen below:

      If you have edited an H5P activity in a way that would change the activity’s overall max score, you should also reattempt the revised activity and update the Max Score using the same process.
    3. Once you’ve added the activities for which you want to include as part of the grade report, you can set optional Beginning and Ending Dates for grade collection. The beginning date is the first date for which attempts on activities in this chapter will be included in grade reporting calculations. If a beginning date is set, no attempts made prior to this date will be included in the grading report. The ending date is the final date for which attempts on activities in this chapter will be included in grade reporting calculations. If a final date is set, no attempts made after this date will be included in the grading report.
    4. You can also select your desired Grading Scheme. Available choices include Average attempt, Best attempt, First attempt, or Last attempt. [explanation of what these settings do]
      Grading Scheme options
      Grading scheme options
    5. Once you have configured the grade report settings as desired for your part, chapter, or front/back matter, click SaveĀ as you would normally on the right hand side of the page.

As an example, this is what a completed form could look like. Note that, in this example, there is a third quiz in the content, but it wasn’t selected to be included in this chapter’s grade report. This was done purposefully to show that you can pick and choose which H5P activities you wish to have graded. Please note, however, that an activity must already be included in a saved version of the chapter to be listed in the grade report.

Once you have finished configuring the chapter and grade reporting settings, you can copy the Launch URL for the activity (found near the top of the table):

Follow the specific instructions for your individual LMS to complete the configuration of this chapter as a graded activity in your course.


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