15 Creating a Custom Terms of Service Page

Every Pressbooks network comes with the standard Pressbooks Terms of Service. However, if your network permits self-registration, you can also create a custom Terms of Service agreement for your network that users must consent to as part of the self-registration process. Using this feature may help your institution better comply with GDPR or local privacy rules and practices. In this chapter, we’ll explain:

Creating a Terms of Service Page

You can create your Terms of Service page just like any other page on your network. Follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Access your network rootsite dashboard from the top admin menu in Pressbooks
  2. Select Pages from the left sidebar menu
  3. Click Add New 
  4. Name the new page Terms of Service (or your preferred title)
  5. Add the content of your organization’s Terms of Service directly to the editor
  6. Style using content blocks if desired
  7. Save the draft and publish
Creating a page
An example Terms of Service page in the Page Editor

For more information on how to style a page in Pressbooks, see Customizing Your Pages.

Requiring Users to Opt in at Registration

Now that you’ve created a Terms of Service page for your network, it just takes a few steps to require users to opt into the agreement during the self-registration process. Once enabled, an “Opt in” checkbox will be added to the default registration form, and must be selected before users can finish registering for their account.

Registration form, terms of service opt-in highlighted

Follow the steps below to enable this setting:

  1. Access the Network Admin dashboard by clicking the link in the top admin menu
  2. Click ‘Settings -> Network Options‘ from the left sidebar menu and select the ‘Book & User Registration‘ tab.
  3. Scroll down to the ‘Options for Networks that Allow Self Registration‘ section and click the checkbox next to the ‘Require users to opt-in to terms of service at registration‘ option
  4. Select the title of your newly created page from the ‘Terms of Service page‘ dropdown menu
  5. Click ‘Save Changes

If your network permits user self-registration, new users will now see a checkbox that states “I agree to the Terms of Service” on the user sign up page. This form will also link to your Terms of Service page.

Adding the Terms of Service Page to the Network Menus

Like any other pages you create for your network, the Terms of Service page can be added to the header or footer navigation menus so that users can access it at any time. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Appearance > Customize from your network homepage dashboard
  2. Select Menus from the left panel
    The "Menus" tab on the Homepage Customizer
  3. Select the menu that you’d like to add the page to (Primary Menu for the top of the page, or Footer Menu for the bottom of the page)
    The highlighted Footer Menu tab on the Menus Customization panel
  4. Click + Add Items to add a new page to the menu
  5. Select your Terms of Service page from the Pages section in the new menu that appears
    Terms of Service page highlighted in the Footer Menu "Add Items" list
  6. Click Publish

After you’ve clicked Publish, your changes are live and you can view them immediately on your public network website. For more information on building and customizing your menus, check out our resource on Customizing Your Network.


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