2 Dashboard

Network managers have access to the Network Admin dashboard, from which they can oversee all books and users.

To get to this area, log in and go to Network Admin > Dashboard.

Go to Network Admin > Dashboard .

This will take you to network-level options. From here, you can access:

  • Books: Click to access your network Book List. You will also see a link which will allow you to quickly create a new book on your network.
  • Users: Click to view your network User List. You can also see a link which will allow you to add new users to your network.
  • Settings: Click to view your Network Options.
  • Stats: Click to view Network Stats.
Screenshot of PressbooksEDU Network Manager Dashboard showing Books, Users, Settings, and Stats menus

Your network’s total used storage space is also available from the Network Admin Dashboard. Once on the dashboard, see the “Right Now” section and find the “Network Storage” statement.

Network storage total on the Network Admin Dashboard

For more information on the options available from your network admin dashboard, read on to the following chapters.

Prefer to watch and learn? Check out this video tutorial:


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