9 Legacy Networks: The Publisher Theme

All Pressbooks networks include a public-facing website. The appearance of this website is controlled by a theme. PressbooksEDU networks created prior to March 2018 used a network root theme called Pressbooks Publisher. These network can keep this older “Publisher” theme for their network homepage and catalog or use our newer Aldine theme for their network. To change the network root theme from Publisher to Aldine, PressbooksEDU network managers can contact premium support.

NOTE: The Publisher theme is also the default on non-EDU Pressbooks standalone networks, such as Pressbooks Public or Pressbooks Legacy systems. These networks do not have the option to move to the new theme.

Pressbooks Publisher is less customizable than the new Aldine theme, but it is simple to configure.

screenshot of Pressbooks Publisher Theme
Legacy Pressbooks Publisher Theme
screenshot of Pressbooks Aldine theme
New Pressbooks Aldine Theme

On your admin page,  you can customize the title of your network, your network’s tagline, and your institutional or company logo. Further, we have a comprehensive guide chapter on customizing your network.

To customize these elements:

  1. Hover over Your University Title on the top menu
  2. Click Dashboard
  3. Hover over Appearance
  4. Click on Customize – new page will open with your customization options on the left
  5. Click on Site Identity
  6. Make changes to your Site Title, Tagline, or Logo
  7. Click Publish


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