23 Network Manager Training

Every PressbooksEDU network includes an initial training session for network managers and ongoing support as needed. This training generally includes:

  • A review of your goals for your Pressbooks network – what are you hoping to accomplish?
  • An introduction to the interface
  • How to customize your network, including:
    • Building your homepage
    • Adding/editing other pages
    • Adding/editing books in your catalog
  • An introduction to the book list, user list, and network manager analytics features
  • An overview of network options, including your choices for user & book registration
  • How to get additional help and support
    • Network admin guide
    • PressbooksEDU Community of Practice
    • User guide
    • Enterprise support
  • Brief introduction to common end user tasks [optional]

Contact Premium Support at the email you received in your onboarding to schedule a network manager webinar or inquire about how many remaining webinars your network has.


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