23 Network Manager Training

We conduct regular webinar training sessions for PressbooksEDU network managers, and dates for training sessions can be found on the webinar page of our website.

These training sessions are customized to the needs and questions of the participants but generally cover the following topics:

1. An introduction to the administrative interface
2. Front-end Interfaces: Customizing your network & home pages
  • How to customize various parts of your network, including:
    • Building your homepage
    • Adding/editing other pages
    • Book catalog on the home page
  • How to create a book and how to clone a book
3. Back-end Management: Managing your network options
  • An overview of network options
    • Network manager assignments
    • Overseeing network defaults
    • User & Book settings and management
  • An introduction to the book list, user list, and network manager analytics features
How to get additional help and support


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