1 Network Managers

Network managers are the contact points between Pressbooks and your institution. The maximum number of network managers on network is determined by your plan. Network managers are usually designated prior to the creation of the network. To find a current list of users currently designated as network managers, you can visit the ‘Network Options’ page available under the  ‘Settings’ link on the ‘Network Admin’ menu. You will also find instructions for makes changes to your network managers here.

What can Network Managers Do?

Users designated as network managers have administrative access and powers beyond those of ordinary users in the PressbooksEDU network. We are happy to provide an initial training webinar for network managers shortly after your network is created. Here are the main things that network managers can do that regular users cannot:

  • Change network options and configure settings for the network, including options around user and book registration for the network
  • Configure the appearance of the root network (i.e. control the landing page and menus that users see when they visit the root site of your PressbooksEDU network)
  • Add/remove public books to the network’s ‘catalog’
  • Access all books on the network, even books they are not users on
  • View and modify users
  • View stats and network analytics for your network
  • Clone non-openly licensed book or book chapter on their network (Regular users can only clone books that are openly licensed and public on a Pressbooks network.) This would be useful, for instance, if your university has created a copyrighted resource which you wish to copy and adapt for another course.

The following video helps explains the privileges of the network manager:

Who Makes a Good Network Manager?

Network managers typically serve as the front line of support of first point of contact for users of their PressbooksEDU network. As a result, network managers are often university support staff with some knowledge of publishing, web design, or open education, like librarians or instructional designers. Network managers do not require technical expertise beyond basic familiarity with and comfort using the Pressbooks platform. It is often helpful, however, for network managers to have have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.


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