14 Populating the Catalog Page

One of the features of the Aldine theme is a standalone catalog page. On this page, users can filter books by subject or license, and can sort books by Title, Subject, or Latest. The latest titles added to this catalog can also be displayed on the network homepage as a carousel.

The standalone catalog page

Adding Books into the Catalog

Network managers can control which books they’d like to display in the catalog. To do so:

1. Go to Network Admin > Books to open a list of all books on the network

Access your catalog from the Network Admin dropdown menu

3. In Book List, you will get the following interface. Above the list of books, you will find a series of filters for book display in the list.

Scroll to the end of this filter list by scrolling to the far right, where you will see the In Catalog option.

4. You will be able to can select and unselect this option by directly clicking on the symbol itself. Note that only books that are public can be selected for display.

5. You can also add/remove multiple books from the catalog in a bulk action from the book list. To do this, click the check box to the left of the book’s cover/title for each book you’d like to add/remove and scroll to the bottom of the page. Select ‘Add to catalog’ or ‘Remove from catalog’ from the Bulk Actions menu and click Apply.
Bulk add books to Pressbooks catalog

6. Return to your network catalog page to see the results. If the front page catalog is active, you will also see the latest titles displayed in the carousel on your network home page.


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