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All network managers on one of our hosted PressbooksEDU networks are invited to become a member of our private EDU Clients community forum and take part in the PressbooksEDU Community of Practice. This forum is place for network managers to discuss any issues considered to be of shared interest. We intend for this to be a space of conversation and mutual aid, and expect participants to be respectful, welcoming, and kind to others. Important news for network managers are often relayed on the forum, as well.

Below, we’ll cover:

How To Sign Up

Pressbooks hosts its community forums (powered by Discourse) at https://pressbooks.community

The majority of the Pressbooks Community forum is open to all Pressbooks users and is primarily used for issues of interest to open source Pressbooks users.

The EDU Clients group is a private space reserved for network managers on our hosted EDU networks and won’t appear until you’ve created an account and been added to the group by a Pressbooks staff moderator. To sign up:

  1. Visit https://pressbooks.community and click Sign Up 
    The Sign Up link on the Pressboosk Community Discourse forum
  2. Create an account using your email address, or authenticate with an existing Google, GitHub, or Twitter account
    The Create New Account pop up window
  3. Contact us at the Premium Support email address you received in onboarding to let us know you’ve signed up and want to be added to the EDU Clients group. Note that you may be added by a staff moderator before you’ve contacted Premium Support.

After you’ve created an account and have been added to the group, you’ll see EDU Clients as a private category on the Pressbooks Community homepage. The direct link (which will only be accessible to logged in group members is https://pressbooks.community/c/edu-clients.

The private EDU Clients group on the Pressbooks Community forum

How to Post and Reply

It’s easy to become a part of the conversation. Follow the instructions below to start off right.

  1. Click on the private EDU Clients category from the Pressbooks Community homepage
  2. Choose a topic
    Topics in the EDU Clients category
    All open conversations in this group will be listed. You can also see details like the number of replies, views, most recent activity, and who’s been responding already. Click any existing topic to read and respond.
  3. Reply to a specific comment or to the overall thread. Each post has a reply button at the bottom. Click this reply button to respond directly to someone’s comment.Reply button highlighted at the bottom of a comment.
    Each topic has a reply button after the last post that allows you to add to the conversation topic itself without responding to a particular post.Reply button highlighted to respond to a topic
    Discourse also lets you ‘mention’ other users in the group (like other social media sites) to get their attention using the `@` character. See Discourse’s guide to mentions for more details.

How to Create a New Topic

Have a question or comment that doesn’t fit in an existing topic? Create a new one.

  1. Access the EDU Clients category
  2. Click New Topic 
    New Topic button in the EDU Clients category
  3. Add a title for the new topic and create the first postA new topic being created for the forum
  4. Click Create Topic

That’s just about it! Go ahead and get started: https://pressbooks.community

Need help changing your notification settings? Check out this Discourse thread.


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