10 The Aldine Theme

Since March 2018, Pressbooks has used Aldine as its network root theme. Aldine is named for the Aldine Press, an important early book publisher founded in 1494 by Aldus Manutius. The development of the Aldine theme was supported by Ryerson University (as part of a project funded by eCampus Ontario). Aldine controls the appearance of the network home page and is more customizable than our Previous network root theme. It also includes a new, standalone catalog page.

Screenshot of the Aldine Theme for Pressbooks
Sample Pressbooks landing page for a network using Aldine

All PressbooksEDU networks created after March 2018 automatically use Aldine as the network root theme. Standalone PressbooksEDU networks created before March 2018 have the option to continue using the previous Pressbooks Publisher theme or apply the new Aldine theme to the network website. If you would like activate the Aldine theme on your PressbooksEDU network, please email Premium Support with the subject line “Install Aldine.”

New features that the Aldine theme enables include:

  • Customizable color schemes (which can reflect university colors)
  • Customizable homepage content
  • A contact form
  • A new standalone catalog with sorting and filtering capabilities

The next chapter of the guide will provide more details on how you can customize the appearance of your network’s homepage using the Aldine theme.


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