24 User Training

All PressbooksEDU networks come with a training session designed for PressbooksEDU end users. This training can be customized to meet your institutional needs, but generally includes the following:

  • Introduction to basic Pressbooks tasks:
    • Creating a new book
    • Adding book information (metadata) and selecting a license
    • Creating front matter, back matter, parts, and chapters
    • Using the editor to edit a chapter (creating headings, body text, links, media, embedded content, textboxes, footnotes, glossary terms, etc.)
    • Importing content (from Word documents, EPUBs, XML, etc.)
    • Changing a book’s theme and theme options
    • Exporting a book
  • Demonstration of EDU-specific features:
    • Cloning an openly licensed book and using the source comparison tool
    • Adding tables, textboxes, and images
    • Creating interactive activities in the book (using H5P)
    • Using mathematical notation (MathJax/LaTeX)
    • Enable web annotation for books (with Hypothesis)
    • Making export files available for download to visitors
  • How to get help and front-line support for their network from published guides and their network managers (NOTE: Institutions with Gold, Titanium, and Platinum networks can choose whether or not to purchase end user support as an add-on for their network. Otherwise, the front line support contact is the network manager.)

We also take this time to answer any other questions they may have.

To schedule a user webinar or inquire how many user webinars your network has, contact Premium Support at the email address you received in your PressbooksEDU onboarding process.


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