31 Using our LTI 1.1 Provider Plugin

There are cases in which you may wish to integrate a book produced on your network into your LMS. In this instance, we guide you through how you can upload a Pressbooks book from your university network into Canvas so that you can read it directly on Canvas through an LTI 1.1 connection.

Configuring your PressbooksEDU network as an LTI provider

Create an LTI connection

  1. On your EDU network, go into Network Admin > Dashboard
  2. From here, go into Integrations > LTI Consumers.
  3. On the LTI Consumers page, click on the Add new button at the top. This will go to the page as seen below.

    Here, enter your desired values for the Name and Key fields. Make sure to check Enabled and Protected before clicking ‘Save Changes’.

Registering Pressbooks as an LTI provider with your LMS

  1. Provide the key & secret pair to your LMS administrator, along with a value they can use for tool ‘domain’. The domain will be the root URL or your Pressbooks network with no prefixes or trailing characters, e.g.: ‘myuniversity.pressbooks.pub’.
  2. Once Pressbooks has been registered by your LMS administrator and made available to courses within the LMS, instructors should be able to import books using Thin Common Cartridge with LTI Links with the expectation that these LTI launch links will work as expected.
  3. See below for a description of that process with the Canvas LMS.

Bringing Your Book Into the LMS (Canvas)

Export your book as a Thin Common Cartridge file (with LTI links)

Go into the book you wish to bring into Canvas via LTI. Click on Export on the left-hand side bar. You should see the Common Cartridge with LTI Links (Canvas) export option. Select this, click Export your book and then download it to your computer.

Import your book to a Canvas Course

  1. Click on Courseand then on All Courses.
  2. Select the course you’d like to integrate with Pressbooks.
  3. Select the Settings option near the bottom of the left-hand course nav menu.
  4. Click on Import Course Content
  5. In the pop-up box, choose ‘Common Cartridge 1.x Package’ from the Content Type drop-down menu. At Source, upload the export file you downloaded earlier from Pressbooks. Select your preferences from Content and Options. When you are done, click Import.


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