Your new PressbooksEDU network is now set up. Congratulations!

We’re so excited to support your university publishing endeavors, and hope you enjoy using Pressbooks to produce high-quality open textbooks and other educational materials.

While Pressbooks has been widely used by colleges and universities to create open textbooks, it can also be used to create anthologies, scholarly monographs, edited collections, conference/symposia proceedings, grey literature, Festschrift, dissertations, course syllabi, and more.

Here are some examples of typical PressbooksEDU users:

  • University staff producing open textbooks, OER, and syllabi
  • University professors making course syllabi and other educational materials for their classes
  • University librarians supporting open education and/or open pedagogy projects on their campuses.
  • University presses producing scholarly monographs, Festschrift, or grey literature
  • Small and medium publishers looking to transition into more efficient workflows and digital-first publishing

We’ve compiled this guide to help you in your role as a Pressbooks network manager. However, you can consult the following resources to learn more about your PressbooksEDU network:

User Guides

The Pressbooks User Guide goes into depth on both basic and advanced features of Pressbooks, such as creating footnotes, configuring a table of contents, editing your book’s CSS, and testing your ebook across platforms. The guide also features a large section devoted to features specific to educational publishing.

Tutorial videos

We also maintain a growing collection of tutorial videos on the Pressbooks YouTube channel that demonstrate how to do things users frequently ask us about. To learn more about the new features we’ve made specifically for EDU networks, tune in to PressbooksEDU Features & Tutorials.

Premium Support

Since you have a PressbooksEDU network, support for network managers is just an email away. As a manager manager, whenever you run into any potential bugs, unexpected behavior, or other support issues, you should feel free to contact us at the Premium Support email address you received in your PressbooksEDU onboarding. This is your expedited channel to our technical support desk.


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